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Florio Winery

Liquid Art

Florio Winery

Liquid Art

Florio Winery

Founded in 1833 by Vincenzo Florio, the Florio Winery in Marsala look out towards the bright sea of western Sicily. Wrapped by the energy of the winds, brushed by a salty tang from the waves, these beautiful and silent cellars harbour the oak-wood barrels where Florio Marsala gently ages in seemingly motionless movement. Hundreds of barrels, vats and kegs, each holding its own story, breathe the sea through the tuff-stone floor, in the high naves where perfumes and architecture blend. This wonderful place is the theatre where the Sicilian idea of beauty is distilled, and our oenologist – through the wise use of space, time and oxygen – creates Marsala wine by slowly blending all its sensorial potentials.


The Origins of Marsala

Off lands who reached this corner of Sicily by sea, since the times of the Phoenicians, who had the merit of introducing viticulture to Sicily. Since ancient times, wines with a strong character, linked to the unique sugary richness of the grapes that mature under the scorching sun, have been produced here. However, it wasn’t until 1773 that the English merchant John Woodhouse fell in love with these wines and appreciated their potential so much that he wanted to ship some barrels to England, but with the addition of a generous amount of brandy. And that’s how Marsala, as we know it today, was born. This reinforced sweet wine was so successful that it attracted other English entrepreneurs to Sicily, who began to produce it, and shortly afterwards the first Italian began production, namely Vincenzo Florio. He too arrived by sea, from Calabria, and was the first to launch his family’s fortunes, based among other things on accumulating an impressive shipping fleet, and dedicated himself to producing this unique wine, creating the suggestive Florio Winery in 1833. The history of the Florio family is full of illustrious and cultured lovers of beauty and honour, but it also reveals a history of entrepreneurial quest for modernity and innovation, which in 150 years changed the economic face of Sicily forever.


Florio Range

Aging terroir, hard enology, time and craftsmanship, emotional transport and winemaking and cellar balance.


Come and discover the historic Cantine Florio

Built in tufa stone by Vincenzo Florio in 1833, the Cantine Florio welcomes more than 50 thousand visitors each year inside unique environments where history, architecture and design are mixed together, for a journey into an exclusive world that surprises even the most knowledgeable wine tourists. 


News from the world of Florio

News, events and other unmissable updates on the Florio world.